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The Violet Hour-Book IV of Mr. Tout's Magical Forest (signed)

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Their numbers are few

—their quest, enormous

—their situation, desperate.

And the fate of the forest lies in the balance.
But desperate times call for desperate measures.
That's why two girls and a boy have formed an unlikely alliance with a dog, a cat and a mysterious whirlcat to take part in the riskiest venture of their lives.
The Violet Hour!
The brainchild of their mystifying new companion, Katriva, does this cryptic spell from Mr. Tout's stolen book of magic hold the key to their success, or is it simply the delusional plan of a confused enchantress?

To find out they'll have to traverse unknown lands and face unforeseen dangers in this fourth installment of the fantasy series, Mr. Tout's Magical Forest. Come join Mariah, Beth, Pauly, Rio and Willow in their struggle to stop the notorious Toddathon Tout!

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