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Into The Mystic

Book V of Mr. Tout's Magical Forest

Their objective is simple—stop Toddathon Tout and put an end to his long reign of terror.

The solution, however, is proving to be the most difficult undertaking of their lives.

The unlikely heroes, four teenagers, a cat and a dog are prepared to do whatever it takes and to pay any cost to see their mission through. Each has a vital role to play toward the ultimate goal of creating the most powerful spell of all—the violet hour!

Before that can happen they must first accomplish a series of tasks that take them to the most dangerous extremes of Marsh Island and beyond. And while they battle the elements and the obstacles set before them, Mr. Tout is busy hatching up an unspeakable scheme of his own.

Come join this high stakes tale of intrigue and adventure in book V of Mr. Tout's Magical Forest: Into the Mystic!

Library of Congress Control Number-2023904232


Cover designs by José Bethencourt Suárez © 2021, 2022, 2023


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