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Coming June 5, 2024!

The Big Show

Book VI of Mr. Tout's Magical Forest


The end is near, and there's no telling how it will all play out.

     Mr. Tout has done the unthinkable, delving into the vile depths of dark magic to conjure up the circus of lost souls. Desperate to maintain his hold on Marsh Island and the magical forest, he will stop at nothing, including murder, to have his way. And for that reason the situation has gone from bad to worse for four teenagers, a cat and a dog. The race is on, and time ticks away toward a potential winner-take-all showdown.

     But before that can happen, each of them has an important role to play toward accomplishing their ultimate goal—unleashing a mysterious spell known as the violet hour.

     It won't be easy.

     Still miles away from the others, Pauly and Beth have vanished into the Mystic in search of the River of Time. Meanwhile, on Marsh Island, Rio, Willow, Katriva and Mariah face the enormous task of unlocking the countless secrets being held in the ancient dungeon of Lydia. The odds are stacked against them and time is running out as circus master turned madman Toddathon Tout readies himself for his finest hour—The Big Show!

     Come join the adventure and be ready for a white-knuckle ride down a slippery slope in this, the final chapter of Mr. Tout's Magical Forest.


Warning: Spoiler alert!

Cover designs by José Bethencourt Suárez © 2021, 2022, 2023


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