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Here's what's new from Author Len Senecal:

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The Violet Hour


Book IV of Mr. Tout's Magical Forest


Library of Congress Control Number-2022916437

ISBN Number-9798843454128 (hardcover) 9798843410674 (paperback)

Their numbers are few

       —their quest, enormous

              —their situation, desperate.

And the fate of the forest lies in the balance.

But desperate times call for desperate measures.


That's why two girls and a boy have formed an unlikely alliance with a dog, a cat and a mysterious whirlcat to take part in the riskiest venture of their lives.

The Violet Hour!

The brainchild of their mystifying new companion, Katriva, does this cryptic spell from Mr. Tout's stolen book of magic hold the key to their success, or is it simply the delusional plan of a confused enchantress?

To find out they'll have to traverse unknown lands and face unforeseen dangers in this fourth installment of the fantasy series, Mr. Tout's Magical Forest. Come join Mariah, Beth, Pauly, Rio and Willow in their struggle to stop the notorious Toddathon Tout!

The Violet Hourfinal copy.jpg

A  Wish To Save Christmas

As the clock winds down toward Christmas, Santa's head elf Needle has a crisis on his hands. Santa is gone, frozen solid and spirited away in a block of ice by an evil woman named Winter Stine. Worse yet, the reindeer are missing, the elves spirits are in tatters, and the North Pole is in total disarray. Meanwhile, Winter Stine and her army of snowmen are filling in all of Santa's portals. Once that happens, all thoughts of saving Christmas will be gone, buried deep in the frozen ice and snow.


A glimmer of hope arrives from out of the chaos when the mystical Snow Maiden manages to escape Stine's clutches using the magical snowflake diamond.


The situation appears hopeless for Needle until help arrives in a most unexpected way. In the midst of a blizzard Queen Mab's niece, the faery princess Mercy Meredith, comes out of the cold with the snowflake diamond and a plan to help them.


It won't be easy and it won't seem logical, but Needle is asked to put his faith in the power of the snowflake diamond.


Despite initial skepticism and urged on by Flash, son of the famed reindeer Comet, he agrees. The head-elf's faith is put to an immediate test when the diamond chooses eight-year-old Mariah Prindle, leaving Needle with a tough decision. None of the other elves have faith in his plan, and only Flash offers to help him carry it out. With the reindeer as his guide, he must travel through one of Santa's secret portals in order to convince young Mariah to help them.


Join Needle, Mariah and Flash as they battle long odds and the evil Winter Stine in their quest to save Christmas.


Library of Congress Control Number-2022917924


Cover designs by José Bethencourt Suárez © 2021, 2022

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