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Warning: this description contains spoilers from previous books in the series 

Marsh Mayhem


Book III of Mr. Tout's Magical Forest


Library of Congress Control Number-2021922449

ISBN Number-9798429621401 (hardcover) 9798754473669 (paperback)

When she was twelve years old, Mariah Prindle and her dog Willow accidentally made their way into a strange and mysterious land called Mr. Tout's Magical Forest. Upon leaving, she promised her friend Pauly Wells she would come back and help him rescue his twin brother from the clutches of the evil Toddathon Tout. For two long years she's been trying to fulfill that promise, only to meet with disappointment.
    Until now.
    Now, on midsummer's eve—the most magical night of the year—Mariah has a plan.
    Unlike that accidental first trip, this time she's packed and ready for whatever adventures the forest may have in store. Little does she know that the dangerous and unpredictable magical forest is just the beginning of what awaits her. And it all centers around a mysterious girl turned statue named Beth. Is she a friend to be trusted, or a foe to be feared? That's just one of many questions Mariah will need to answer in order to succeed. Likewise, her friend Pauly may need to place his fate in Beth's cold, marble hands as he seeks to aid his long-lost and wayward brother, Owen.
    Meanwhile, Owen has his own set of problems to deal with. Locked in a power 

struggle that pits the student against the master, he and Toddathon Tout clash heads in what looms as a potential winner take all battle. Emotions run high and danger is just a step away in Book III of this six-part series.    Come back to Mr. Tout's Magical Forest and join Mariah, Willow, Pauly and Rio as they search for answers in a land of danger and delight where uncertainty is the only thing they can be certain of.


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The Violet Hour

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