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Songs From Marsh Mayhem

Aspen to Pauly
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Open your eyes and then you may see,

all roads do not lead to dead ends

And someone who seems like a sworn enemy,

may come through like the closest of friends

Things may not be the way that they seem,

no matter the size of the task

Remember a nightmare is just a bad dream,

and you won't know the truth 'til you ask


You can't blame the cover for what's in the book,

for everything has its own price

The last place you'd think of to stop and to look,

and the last one you'd ask for advice

Is exactly the place where you now need to go,

and the person to whom you must trust

To learn of the truth that you'll have to know,

let the past stay behind in the dust


You can carry a grudge to the ends of the earth,

you can wallow in anger and rage

And hold onto your fury for all it is worth,

but to advance now you must turn the page

Three girls you shall find who are singing a song,

and the girl they call Beth you will know

Though you see her as someone who's only done wrong,

those are memories you must forego


Everything comes with its own special cost,

all too often the sum is not clear

There is no way of telling how much will be lost,

when we stumble with those we hold dear

For there is no hurt like the pain of regret,

and no healing is done without pain

What she's done to your brother she cannot forget,

be assured she won't do it again


Your head must be clear

and your heart must be free

Go to the sisters for they hold the key

Singing Sisters
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Nightmare comes and spoils our dreams

Nothing is quite what it seems

But when you keep an open mind

There's just no telling what you'll find


What you pursue, comes with a cost

In a place where there is no love lost

So journey on, be not afraid

We're here to help, we're here to aid


Those who seek to find assistance

On the path of least resistance

A fool's errand it will be

Nothing's easy you shall see


The road ahead is long and rough

Just when you think you've had enough

Nerves are frayed right to the end

And darkness is your only friend


Don't give up, do not despair

You will not find the answers there

Be true to yourself, be true to your heart

Each of us must play our part


Those you seek are far away

Searching for a better day

What happens in the time ahead?

Some things are better left unsaid


For truly there is no safe bet

The future has not happened yet

We're all a part of some grand show

And all we know is what we know


Villain or hero, salvation or bust

It all comes down to whom you trust

Come closer now and you shall see

Just come to us, we have the key


And if you think these words are wrong

Take comfort girl, it's just a song

Aspen to Beth
00:00 / 02:11

Happiness is the road you're on, the only one that's travelled

Try and take some other road, your life will come unraveled

Seek the truth within yourself, that's how you'll find your way

For if you will deny that truth, there's nothing I can say

Nothing that's passed can be said or done,

it can't be won or lost

Of all people you should know, everything comes with a cost

And if you dwell on past mistakes, all you will find is pain

Lessons learned the hardest way should not be learned again

Old willow tree lives in the past, and dreams of a better day

And in the meantime souls are lost,

buried deep, within the tree

It's up to you, right here and now, step forward, find a way

Say the right thing, speak the truth, and you can set them free

The power in those branches, must be held with utmost care

Don't follow the path of Mr. Tout, of that you must beware

Eyes wide open, heart the same, it's only then you'll see

If absolute power is used to corrupt, it does so absolutely


You cannot change what has been done, but still there is a way

To set things right, to end the dark, to forge a better day

To make the power work for good, to overcome desire

A spark of good will set things right, and turn into a fire

The willow tree has no love lost, for Tout up in the tower

So speak the truth, set things right, and all will come your way

But if you fall into her spell, if you should quake and cower

You'll join the rest and all is lost, your cause will go astray

One more thing before you go, don't walk away quite yet

Before you do remember this, old debts they must be met

It's time for you to make your move,

and time for me to make way

Now hurry on, no time to lose, you haven't got all day

Weeping Willow
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Once I stood so proud and tall,

the largest tree out of them all,

No tree could match my size or girth,

but in the end it had no worth

An evil man, they call him Tout,

came here to me, and then without

A warning, or a shred of care,

he transformed me, it was not fair


And then to make all matters worse,

upon these leaves he placed a curse

That any child who comes my way,

be stuck forever, here to stay

So now I stand here, caught in strife,

twas not my choice to live this life

If I could, I'd set them free,

but that gift is not part of me


He cursed me to remain this way,

although I hope and pray someday

That someone comes and takes him down,

no longer will I cry or frown

So now I sing my tales of woe,

and if you think it is not so

Remember this my little one,

when I start to cry, get up and run

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