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The Forest is calling... books by author Len Senecal

The Naughty Gnomes, a prelude to Mr. Tout's Magical Forest.

The Naughty Gnomes 
In this delightful short story prelude to Mr. Tout's Magical Forest, six-year-old Mariah learns that all magical beings were not created equally when a pair of mischievous gnomes come barging into her house. Armed with a map stolen from Mab, the faery queen herself, Jinx and Tattle seek to avenge a confrontation with Mariah's cat and the destruction of their hiding place when they call on dark forces to do their bidding.

Mr. Tout's Magical Forest-Book I

The Uninvited Guest 
Book I of Mr. Tout's Magical Forest
The adventure begins when Mariah and her dog Willow follow a unicorn into the woods and land in an enchanted forest where trees, animals and even statues are able to speak and sing. The real problems start when they become separated and must struggle to find their way free from Mr. Tout's Magical Forest, a land of wonderment and danger controlled by a mysterious man named Toddathon Tout.


Fall to the Forest-Book II on the fantasy series Mr. Tout's Magical Forest.

Fall to the Forest

Book II of Mr. Tout's Magical Forest


The adventure that began in The Uninvited Guest continues here as the Wells brothers literally fall into Mr. Tout's Magical Forest during a school field trip to Niagara Falls. Fall to the Forest, Book II of the Mr. Tout's Magical Forest fantasy series, tells the back story of two key characters first introduced in The Uninvited Guest while also developing the major conflicts that will become crucial to their survival as the series unfolds.
     Realizing they are no longer admiring the sights at Niagara Falls, older twin Owen is ready to throw caution to the wind in this strange new land while his brother Pauly's approach is far more cautious. Things get real in a hurry when they hear a young girl cry for help, much to the delight of Mr. Toddathon Tout. A mysterious and largely unseen force, the mere mention of his name strikes fear into the inhabitants of the forest.

     Intrigue, adventure, betrayal and even a touch of romance are intertwined in this exciting journey into the realm of the fantastic. Follow the trials and tribulations of the Wells brothers as they face strange creatures and bizarre situations in a place where seemingly anything is possible.


Marsh Mayhem
Book III of Mr. Tout's Magical Forest

After two long years, Mariah makes good on her promise to return to the forest, where she and her dog Willow find that things have become far more complicated for their friends, Pauly Wells and Rio. The mysterious girl named Beth holds the key to their reunion, which has been made all the more difficult by an ongoing power struggle between Mr. Tout and Pauly's twin brother, Owen. Caught in an endless marsh, they'll need more than their combined wits to escape the dangers coming at them from every direction.


The Violet Hour

Book IV of Mr. Tout's Magical Forest

Library of Congress Control Number-2022916437

ISBN Number-9798843454128 (hardcover) 9798843410674 (paperback)

The Violet Hourfinal copy.jpg

Their numbers are few

       —their quest, enormous

              —their situation, desperate.

And the fate of the forest lies in the balance.
But desperate times call for desperate measures.

     That's why two girls and a boy have formed an unlikely alliance with a dog, a cat and a mysterious whirlcat to take part in the riskiest venture of their lives.
     The Violet Hour!
     The brainchild of their mystifying new companion, Katriva, does this cryptic spell from Mr. Tout's stolen book of magic hold the key to their success, or is it simply the delusional plan of a confused enchantress?
     To find out they'll have to traverse unknown lands and face unforeseen dangers in this fourth installment of the fantasy series, Mr. Tout's Magical Forest. Come join Mariah, Beth, Pauly, Rio and Willow in their struggle to stop the notorious Toddathon Tout!

Into The Mystic

Book V of Mr. Tout's Magical Forest

Library of Congress Control Number-2022916437

ISBN Number-9798843454128 (hardcover) 9798843410674 (paperback)

Their objective is simple—stop Toddathon Tout and put an end to his long reign of terror.

   The solution, however, is proving to be the most difficult undertaking of their lives.

   The unlikely heroes, four teenagers, a cat and a dog are prepared to do whatever it takes and to pay any cost to see their mission through. Each has a vital role to play toward the ultimate goal of creating the most powerful spell of all—the violet hour!

   Before that can happen they must first accomplish a series of tasks that take them to the most dangerous extremes of Marsh Island and beyond. And while they battle the elements and the obstacles set before them, Mr. Tout is busy hatching up an unspeakable scheme of his own.

   Come join this high stakes tale of intrigue and adventure in book V of Mr. Tout's Magical Forest: Into the Mystic!


A  Wish To Save Christmas

Library of Congress Control Number-2022917924


As the clock winds down toward Christmas, Santa's head elf Needle has a crisis on his hands. Santa is gone, frozen solid and spirited away in a block of ice by an evil woman named Winter Reina. Worse yet, the reindeer are missing, the elves spirits are in tatters, and the North Pole is in total disarray. Meanwhile, Winter Reina and her army of snowmen are filling in all of Santa's portals. Once that happens, all thoughts of saving Christmas will be gone, buried deep in the frozen ice and snow.

     A glimmer of hope arrives from out of the chaos when the mystical Snow Maiden manages to escape Reina's clutches using the magical snowflake diamond.

     The situation appears hopeless for Needle until help arrives in a most unexpected way. In the midst of a blizzard Queen Mab's niece, the faery princess Mercy Meredith, comes out of the cold with the snowflake diamond and a plan to help them.

     It won't be easy and it won't seem logical, but Needle is asked to put his faith in the power of the snowflake diamond.

     Despite initial skepticism and urged on by Flash, son of the famed reindeer Comet, he agrees. The head-elf's faith is put to an immediate test when the diamond chooses eight-year-old Mariah Prindle, leaving Needle with a tough decision. None of the other elves have faith in his plan, and only Flash offers to help him carry it out. With the reindeer as his guide, he must travel through one of Santa's secret portals in order to convince young Mariah to help them.

     Join Needle, Mariah and Flash as they battle long odds and the evil Winter Reina in their quest to save Christmas.

Cover designs by José Bethencourt Suárez © 2021, 2022, 2023

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