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Songs from Into the Mystic

Mermaid song
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Water, water everywhere,

and nary a drop to drink

Face the ningen if you dare,

they're tougher than you think

It doesn't matter where you go,

or even what you do

The water creatures always know,

just when to come for you


Darkness is their time to scare,

to pull you in the drink

Boat or skiff they do not care,

you'll feel your body sink

They will be back, they will not go,

until their task is through

And when they do, their angst will grow,

so here's what you must do


Take this shell, to guard with care,

signal us, and we'll be there

We're always closer than you think,

and from this duty we won't shrink

Please listen now before we go,

there's something else that you should know

River deep and water blue,

Mermaid's promise will hold true

The time has come to make amends

The days of darkness soon will end

And broken dreams that we can mend

For nothing stops the love between friends

Forget and forgive, forgive and forget

The best advice that I've heard yet


Forgive and forget, forget and forgive

The only way to truly live


Heed my words, I know what I say,

We're headed toward a better day


No need to whisper, it's time to shout

It's time to take care of Toddathon Tout


If you don't break and you don't bend

His reign of terror soon will end

Use love not malice to transcend


I died, and now I'm back again

It seems so hard to comprehend

This song I sing will never end

Just like an old and trusted friend

Someone to step up and defend

Until next time we meet again

I have a message you should send

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What do you know and how do you do?

You're not someone I ever knew

Or ever paid a fond adieu


That's not important it doesn't matter

And it's not worth the chitter-chatter

All my thoughts they seem to scatter

Like my old bones that used to clatter


They called me old John David Crow

This much I remember, this much I know

But now I'm back, just look at me glow

Fast as a flash, no longer slow


My life went back a long, long way

Before the dawn of this new day

What caused this all? I cannot say

I only know it's underway




Consider the fate of Ophelia

Sleeping, perchance to dream

Consider the fate of the travelers lost,

Caught in a nightmare's scheme

Consider yourselves most fortunate,

There are those who truly do care

Consider these words as your final warning,

And only proceed if you dare

Consider what I'm trying to tell you

Consider the words to my song

Consider the fact that you're hopelessly lost

And you're going about this all wrong

All songs © Len Senecal 2023 


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John David Crow
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