Songs from The Snow Maiden Returns

Needle song 1
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When you put your mind to it,

you'll know that you can do it

Trust me, I've been around

Deep inside you're just the right fit,

a girl with a heart that will never ever quit

Nothing can bring you down

It doesn't seem right but it's true

You'd be surprised what a little girl can do

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It's not about strength

Or about being smart,

That will carry the day, so will you do your part?

Though you'll need to be strong,

And you'll need to be bright,

what you'll need most of all is to do what is right


You ask how much could a little girl do?

Maybe make up her bed, or add two plus two

But look into yourself and always be true

You'd be surprised what a little girl can do


It will not be easy,

and it will not be fun,

You might find yourself all alone, on the run

So follow your heart

when the going gets rough

We know you are able

We know you are tough


You ask how much could a little girl do?

More than write her own name,

or tie her own shoe,

Look into yourself and always be true

You'd be surprised what a little girl can do


Just look into yourself and always be true

And you'll learn what a little girl can do

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Moan, groan, woe is me,

Santa's been taken away

That jolly old man with the big bag of toys

Has been locked up along with his sleigh


Moan, groan, woe is me

What are we to do?

Without his smile and his generous style

Our toymaking days are through


Moan groan, woe is me,

There's not much more to say

Winter Stine is the winner now

Won't someone please come save the day?

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Rev those engines, bring on the snow

Now fill that passageway

Soon the whole wide world will know

There'll be no Christmas day


Cover up those passageways

Block up all the Isthmus

I'm Winter Stine, now hear me say

There'll be no toys this Christmas


Santa's gone, I've frozen him

His sleigh and reindeer too,

I'm tired of him and his silly whim

Now there's nothing he can do


I just can't wait for Christmas day

As the children dart from bed

I know just what they'll do and say

When there is no man in red


Their tears will be my holiday

Their cries will make me smile

And everyone alive will say

Oh Stine, you are so vile!

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Wake up father, sleep no more

Winter Stine is gone

She has left, of that we're sure

Yes Winter Stine is gone


Warming sun will free your heart

Free your heart to roam

Go back now and play your part

Back to your happy home


Take your paint brush with you now,

When Jack Frost dances 'round

Make it sparkle, you know how

Countryside and town

All poems © Len Senecal 2021