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Needle's Boast
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Of all the elves in the whole North Pole

there's only one like me

They call me Santa's eyes and ears

As everyone can see

Boys and girls from around the world,

Old Needle knows them all

Both good and bad I keep my tabs,

Spring, summer, winter, fall


It isn't easy being me,

Far from it if I'm honest

It takes a special kind of elf,

To carry out this promise

Though many want to take my place,

As Santa's right-hand elf

He chose just me, just Needle-nose,

The rest stay on the shelf


The more you learn about me,

The more you'll come to see,

That Santa couldn't do his job,

I'm sure he would agree

Without his head-elf Needle-nose,

To help and guide the way

This world would be a sadder place,

No toys, no joys, no sleigh


So when you think of Christmas

And the big old guy in red

Remember me, his eyes and ears

The master of the sled

Reina to the Elves
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I'm Winter Reina, hear me roar!

Santa's not calling the shots any more

His time is up, it's plain to see—

That everyone must bow to me


In my world there's no place for elves

So you'd all better watch yourselves

If you stand in my way, it won't be nice

My staff can turn you all into ice


The snowmen all agree with me

And wolves and snow-hawks too, you'll see

Now listen while I give advice

I am not going to say it twice

Just stay right here all safe and sound

For if I see your face around

The next time I won't be so nice

I'll turn this workshop into ice


Crawl under the table, go hide in the toys

Forget about those girls and boys

The North Pole now belongs to me

It's time those brats learned nothing's free


Pile those stockings high with coal

There'll be no trips through Santa's holes

When I get through they'll all be froze

Be sure to tell old Needle-nose


Now it's off to capture Father Frost

I'll have my way at any cost

Try and stop me, I don't care

And if his silly daughter's there

It makes no difference, this I know

There is no hope for the Maiden of Snow


I bid you all a fond farewell

I've got an evil story to tell

And as I say to you good-bye

Just sit right down and have a good cry

Reina's Warning
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Go ahead, ignore me

Soon you shall implore me

When you see what I've got up my sleeve


The woman of the hour

Blessed with so much power

That the whole wide world is going to grieve


Father Frost and Fairy Spring

I know that they mean everything

To you Snow Maiden, so hear me well


Do what I say or you'll pay the price

And you know that I'm not very nice

From all the tales folks love to tell


Listen up, now here's the deal

Unless you'd let your parents feel

A wrath to make them squeal and whine


You cannot win, I will not lose

The time has come for you to choose

And the snowflake diamond will be mine


So cover your ears and close your eyes

It doesn't matter, I shall rise

It comes to me as no surprise

That I'm the one you most despise

All poems © Len Senecal
2021, 2022

Elf's Lament
00:00 / 01:09

Santa's gone, been taken away

And there's nobody left to come save the day

It looks like Christmas is really through

And there's not a thing that we can do


Our lives were gay, our lives were fine

'til Reina's staff began to shine

Poor old Santa took the fall

And left us weeping, one and all


He's frozen now in a block of ice

It's safe to say that won't suffice

And when the children all find out

They're going to cry, they're going to shout


Yes, some of them will stay in line

And live a life that's sweet and kind

But other kids will be so sad

We worry that they might turn bad


If only there were someone who

Was brave and bold with a heart that's true

But there's no one that we can see

To come and set poor Santa free


And if our dire prediction's true

What will become of me and you?

Yes Winter Reina has fueled our fears

That's why we sit, eyes full of tears

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Totally illogical, that's what it is,

To put our faith in such a little kid

Something inside our minds has sprung

To place such a burden on one so young,


Are we out of our minds or clutching at straws

In our quest to help save Santa Claus?

We must move now, we cannot wait,

But have we really become so desperate?


To call upon a boy or girl,

To face what Reina will soon unfurl


Totally illogical that's what it is,

In fact it's downright simply awful,

To think that one so young and green

Could ever take on one so mean


Winter Reina I have no doubt

Will chew them up and spit them out

Someone so young and sweet and kind

We simply must have lost our mind


For courage like this there is no measure,

So such a child would be a treasure


The faerie made her seem the prodigal,

But like I said, it's totally illogical

Illogical, illogical, it's totally illogical

Absolutely, positively, undeniably, totally...


Flash's Reply
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When it comes down to trust, you know that you must,

Accept things you can't touch or see

Forget all the noise, and make the right choice,

There is no other way it can be


There's no good reason for all of your doubts,

No good reason for all of your fears

It's a lonely life when you go it alone,

Filled with agony, heartbreak and tears


Remove preconceptions, do away with your doubts

That's the only way you will succeed

Trust is the answer, the key to your heart,

Trust will give you the strength that you need


It's simple, it's easy and it won't hurt a bit,

Just send your misgivings away

Do all of these things and then you will find,

A happier, brighter day


Don't be filled with suspicion, just block out the noise

And stop turning this into a chore

Concentrate, concentrate then show some faith,

So what are you waiting for?

Polar Wolves
00:00 / 00:30

Thought you were clever,

Thought you were smart,

Thought you might just get away

But Winter Reina knows everything

So now you'll have to pay


Never ate an elf before,

Never ate a reindeer,

Never ate a sweet little girl,

But now that we have got the chance,

What say we give it a whirl?


Elf and reindeer, little girl too,

Put them together, they'll make a nice stew

Tastiest things that we ever saw,

No need to cook, we'll just eat 'em raw

Needle song 1
00:00 / 00:21

When you put your mind to it,

you'll know that you can do it

Trust me, I've been around

Deep inside you're just the right fit,

a girl with a heart that will never ever quit

Nothing can bring you down

It doesn't seem right but it's true

You'd be surprised what a little girl can do

00:00 / 00:50

It's not about strength

Or about being smart,

That will carry the day, so will you do your part?

Though you'll need to be strong,

And you'll need to be bright,

what you'll need most of all is to do what is right


You ask how much could a little girl do?

Maybe make up her bed, or add two plus two

But look into yourself and always be true

You'd be surprised what a little girl can do


It will not be easy,

and it will not be fun,

You might find yourself all alone, on the run

So follow your heart

when the going gets rough

We know you are able

We know you are tough


You ask how much could a little girl do?

More than write her own name,

or tie her own shoe,

Look into yourself and always be true

You'd be surprised what a little girl can do


Just look into yourself and always be true

And you'll learn what a little girl can do

Moan Groan
00:00 / 00:35

Moan, groan, woe is me,

Santa's been taken away

That jolly old man with the big bag of toys

Has been locked up along with his sleigh


Moan, groan, woe is me

What are we to do?

Without his smile and his generous style

Our toymaking days are through


Moan groan, woe is me,

There's not much more to say

Winter Reina is the winner now

Won't someone please come save the day?

Reina Rules
00:00 / 00:54

Rev those engines, bring on the snow

Now fill that passageway

Soon the whole wide world will know

There'll be no Christmas day


Cover up those passageways

Block up all the Isthmus

I'm Winter Reina, hear me say

There'll be no toys this Christmas


Santa's gone, I've frozen him

His sleigh and reindeer too,

I'm tired of him and his silly whim

Now there's nothing he can do


I just can't wait for Christmas day

As the children dart from bed

I know just what they'll do and say

When there is no man in red


Their tears will be my holiday

Their cries will make me smile

And everyone alive will say

Reina, you are so vile!

00:00 / 00:23

You can run, you can slide,

You can try, you can cry.

But you just can't hide,

Or escape on the sly.

Time and numbers are on our side.

So this is the end of your wild ride.


There is no way out,

And you won't get away.

You can scream, even shout,

but you're with us to stay.

There's no one here to save the day!

Reina's going to have her way

Snow Maiden's Song
00:00 / 00:32

Wake up father, sleep no more

Winter Reina's gone

She has left, of that we're sure

Yes Winter Reina's gone


Warming sun will free your heart

Free your heart to roam

Go back now and play your part

Back to your happy home


Take your paint brush with you now,

When Jack Frost dances 'round

Make it sparkle, you know how

Countryside and town

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