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Songs From The Uninvited Guest

Crow song
00:00 / 00:18

Caw! Caw! Thief! Thief!

What do you think you are doing?

Caw! Caw! Thief! Thief!

What are you trying to do?

Caw! Caw! Thief! Thief!

You'd better hand them over

Caw! Caw! Thief! Thief!

They don't belong to you!

Singing SIsters
00:00 / 01:38

Toddathon Tout, Toddathon Tout,

this is the forest of Toddathon Tout,

darker than night and brighter than day,

once you've arrived you're destined to stay


You can run, you can hide, you can fly, you can flee,

But it won't help a bit, you will never be free

Unless your eyes and your heart are full

to find yourself a miracle


We see you're a victim of old poison oak,

best go down to the pond now and give it a soak,

Just watch out for the fishes, they're not always nice

But they'll let you go swimming if you pay the price


Gold for silver, but you'd better beware,

and when you are finished go take a nice pear

Bite it, chew it, swallow it down,

Then be on your way girl, don't dawdle around.


You can take an extra, or two at the most,

Try not to be greedy, please honor your host

These pears, they are special, not something to waste

So save them for later, just in case


There may come a time when you're losing your way

You're stuck in the forest, on some dreadful day

Backed into a corner and caught at wit's end,

with no place to run to, no chance to defend,


Just remember we sisters, and think of the pears

Forget all your troubles, forget all your cares

And as simple as counting to one, two, and three

Let the pear do its magic and you will be free


That's all we can tell you, that's all that we know

Your story's just starting, now get up and go

Singing sisters are we, so take our advice,

Don't come back to this spot, for if you come twice

There is room in the chorus to add one more

Then we shall become the sisters four

Aspen 1
00:00 / 00:22

Beware of the lurkers! Take heed! Beware!

Lying in wait for someone like you

Quick as the lightning, smart as a fox

Ready to pounce and then you are through


Down, down and into the ground

That's where the lurkers roam

Try as you might you will not escape

You'll never get back to your home

willow tree woes
00:00 / 01:28

At one time I used to be,

of all this forest the biggest tree,

But if you think this isn't so,

sit down and hear my tales of woe

A sturdy oak I stood so tall,

through spring and summer, winter, fall

My trunk was thick, my leaves so green,

a finer tree you've never seen


My branches reached up to the sky,

but now I bow to weep and cry,

The birds sat proudly on those branches,

squirrels leapt and did their dances

And shade I offered passersby,

with limbs held firm and head held high

From the top of me you could see forever,

I guess I must have been too clever


Old Toddathon Tout he sought me out,

and then I was no longer stout

No longer proud and standing, shining,

instead a willow weeping, whining,

Never a smile, always a frown,

I wish they'd come and just cut me down

A tiny stump I'd sooner be,

and not this flimsy willow tree


And if you tire of my tales of woe,

I offer this solace: please get up and go

For if you sit here for too long,

you'll become a part of my sad, sad song

Shorty's song
00:00 / 00:30

Here I come, always on cue

It's good old Shorty to the rescue!

Day or night, I do not care

I'm at your service, anytime, anywhere


No job too big and none too small

Just call my name, I can do it all

No matter how tough the task may seem

Big Bertha and me, we're a heck of a team


We go to great lengths to reach our goal

Come on old girl, it's time to roll

All poems © Len Senecal 2021

Rio's rant
00:00 / 00:41

Bark all you want, cry and whine

You won't catch me because dogs can't climb

Thought you had me, foolish pup

I guess you'll never learn

That dogs are slow and cats are fast

And I've got speed to burn


Not only that now can't you see

that even if you could catch me

My claws are sharp, my teeth are too

I'd put you to the test

And when our fight was said and done

You'd come out second best


Now quick, before I scratch your eyes,

Go pick on something your own size


Just run away and chase your tail

Mess with me and you're bound to fail

Lurker song
00:00 / 00:44

We are the lurkers of great renown

If you trespass we'll pull you down

Then we shall smile, and you shall frown

When you take the trip to lurker town


Whether you've come from far or near

You'll adjust to our atmosphere

Let us make one thing quite clear

You can't escape us, but have no fear


There is no need to fight or fuss

No need to cry, no need to cuss

Nothing we need to discuss

In time you'll be like all of us


Big or little, short or tall

Come and join us, one and all

Yes come and hear the lurkers call

It's time for you to take a fall

Hummingbird song
00:00 / 01:01

Follow, follow, follow me

There really is no choice

I know what you don't want to see

So follow my sweet voice


Your girl is gone, been carried away

There's nothing you can do

The lurkers they have had their way

It looks like she is through


Once you go down you don't come back

Indeed it is quite tragic

The only chance to counter that

Would be an act of magic


There is no need to wait and see

No time to lie and pout

Just follow, follow, follow me

Escape from Mr. Tout


It's time for you to save yourself

Old Tout, he's on the way

He'll put you on a dusty shelf

And there you'll have to stay


So follow me, dear Willow boy

These words I sing are true

Toddathon Tout will bring no joy

I'm here for your rescue

Aspen 2
00:00 / 00:43

Follow the water and then you will find

the place where the tiny stream ends

Look for the fires that light the dark sky

And those whom you meet will be friends

Just be careful wherever you wander

And watch what you do and you say

Bad forces are waiting to swallow you up

And those whom you love will betray


For evil can work in mysterious ways

Trust your heart, not your eyes and you'll see

Beware of the stranger who offers you gifts

For nothing worth having is free

The task might seem easy but truly it's hard

To tell what is right from what's wrong

When the moment arrives,

and the choice must be made

Just remember the words to this song

Brewer song
00:00 / 01:04

It's Brewfest time, let's give a cheer,

it's the happiest time in the whole darned year

The laughter will come and the cider will flow

So grab a mug let your troubles go


Come on now, no time to waste

there's barrels of cider for you to taste

Sweet ones, sour, bitter and stout

They're all so fine they'll make you shout


These are the days we love the most

Let's clang those mugs and raise a toast

Come on now, don't be a slug

Raise a toast and clang that mug


Though sometimes we may not agree

At Brewfest time we all can see

Everyday squabbles have no place

So put a smile on every face


It's time to party, come on drink up,

And when it's time for the Brewer's Cup

Though only one can gain first place

We'll all be wearing a happy face


Win or lose, it doesn't matter,

Good times for all and friendly chatter

It's time to let the cider flow

Just grab your mug, come on, let's go!

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